Lottery Odds Gets A Lot Off His Chest On Can’t Sleep

by Marcus Adetola

29th March, 2020

Lottery Odds gets a lot off his chest on Can’t Sleep. It is the calm before the storm as ominous instrumentals and melody precede the relentless lyrical masterclass Lottery Odds unleashes. He spits lines of conscious rhymes filled with double entendre’s that make you pause and listen. Even though the issues weigh heavily on his chest, there is a lot of humor in the lyrics. Lottery Odds switches the flow several times adding more depth to the delivery.

Cos Mama told me there’d be days like this,
Had to scrape the pot nearly broke my wrist,
See I work a double shift just to pay my rent,
But I ain’t King Kong I can’t save no bitch.

Can’t Sleep has many punchlines, so listen closely not to miss any. It’s worth it.

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