Lottery Odds

Paper Planes Is A Bonus Track On Lottery Odds EP

Mon Apr 13 2020

Paper Planes is a bonus track on Lottery Odds EP, and it bangs hard. The young lyricist stays true to his words with his work ethic going the extra mile to please his audience. And, this is what he raps about on Paper Planes. Lottery Odds drops lines on grafting tirelessly to reach his goals. […]

Lottery Odds Gets A Lot Off His Chest On Can’t Sleep

Sun Mar 29 2020

Lottery Odds gets a lot off his chest on Can’t Sleep. It is the calm before the storm as ominous instrumentals and melody precede the relentless lyrical masterclass Lottery Odds unleashes. He spits lines of conscious rhymes filled with double entendre’s that make you pause and listen. Even though the issues weigh heavily on his […]

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