Lose Track Of Time With Flõstate's Debut SingleFlõstate’s debut single Time makes you want to forget everything you are doing and sink your whole body and soul in its rich, mellow tones. Sultry, caramel vocals caress your skin, and nostalgic instrumentals and haunting sounds fill your head with dreams. It tingles and teases with atmospheric bubbles of bliss. It’s a hot tub accompanied by a lover and an ice-cold glass of champagne in a song. 

The Canadian act consists of producer Michael Le and songwriter Avery Florence who express themselves via downtempo R&B and spacious soul. 

“It was the first song that really made me feel a new energy I’ve never felt. This was the song that made me believe we had something going on that was beyond myself.” – Michael Le

Time is about is a mysterious song which beckons with unlimited possibilities.

“This song feels like floating to me. This song is called Time, but it evokes the feeling of being in a timeless state. All that exists is the connection between people. I see the themes of this song as an introduction to what Flõstate means. The song feels a little dangerous, urging you to jump in/ finally let go & spill over the edge.”
– Avery Florence

Flõstate has not just created a masterpiece with their debut single, but a whole new (Flõ) state of mind.