LORENNA Equates Finding Love To Window Shopping

LORENNA equates finding love to Window Shopping using exquisite and subtle tones. She constructs a vivid representation of the search for love using remarkable distinct sounds. The emotion of the song is intense as she sings at a steady pace manipulating the flow of the tempo gliding graceful with the instrumentals to convey her message. In some way, it expresses the pain-staking observation of things you long to possess.

I just want to try you on
Know what you feel like
Won’t take your tags off
I’ll return you when it’s time
I just want to feel your love
once Before I die

Window Shopping has dream-like qualities, not just in the literal meaning, but the ethereal sounds that permeate. There is a sophistication to the track I find intriguing and enjoyable. It’s a beautiful song, with revolving melodies bathed with desperation and uncertainty.

LORENNA leaves you craving more and wanting to know how the story will end.