London Rapper Enny Drops Peng Black Girls ft Amia Brave

by Marcus Adetola

23rd October, 2020

London rapper Enny drops Peng Black Girls ft Amia Brave. She epitomes the idea of what excellence in black culture should be. For a moment, let’s set aside the obvious of her lyrical expertise and delivery on Peng Black Girls. Enny’s conscious assertiveness paints a vivid and undeniable picture of how far society has degraded beauty in black culture. Although the track is titled Peng Black Girls, Enny covers a varying degree of subjects relevant to all genders. Concisely she drops gems of wisdom on her verses, although taking a subtle approach that rings loud and clear in her idiosyncratic flow. Enny has an anthemic and infectious quality that is empowering.

We enjoyed the collaboration between Enny and Amia Brave, and we hope Peng Black Girls gets as much recognition as it deserves as is it is more relevant than ever.

Speaking on the track Enny says “PBG was written from a place of my subconscious. Looking at my family, friends or even random women and just thinking wow, society and your own culture will tell you you’re not beautiful because your skin is a certain shade, or your features don’t look a certain way. Now looking back at it, PBG was the beginning of me not caring and just being happy as I am…a complicated British Nigerian girl from southeast London with some very African features.”

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