Loll In The Garden Of Sleepwalking By Faye Nightingale

by Marcus Adetola

7th August, 2020

Loll in the garden of Sleepwalking by Faye Nightingale. She lays bare univocal feelings of vulnerability as she sings with an R&B cadence submerged in pleasing atmospheric soundscapes. Faye’s gentle yet seductive vocals saturate the senses with an intoxicating effect. However, there is an underlying sadness of unfulfilled emotion lingering in the air as the lyrics foreshadow possibly a negative outcome in the future. The appetite to rest in an unreconciled relationship is palpable, and Faye connects the dots vividly on Sleepwalking.

The music video for Sleepwalking offers further insight into the song with a distinct characterization from an intense and sensual performance by the dancers. Faye Nightingale features in the visuals with a lustful demeanor.

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