Lo Lauren Longs For The Past With A New Single Raw (Acoustic Version)

Lo Lauren longs for the past with a new single Raw (Acoustic Version). She takes a nostalgic look into the past, introspectively meandering on things that transpired. Lo explores the fragility that occurs in a one-time perfect relationship, an idea familiar to most. Her honest and delicate vocals inhabit the sparsed and emotional piano chords with intimate lyrics that resonate with regret.

Have we forgot how we fell in love?
When nothing was hard except being apart
When you’d pick me up just to sit in your car
We didn’t do much but that was enough for us 

Feelings of melancholy saturate the sweet and bitter melodies on the track. Lo does well not to get lost as she assumes the lead with excellent delivery.

“The concept grew into essentially being a song about; you’re in a relationship, things have got stale and you wanna get back that magic that you had at the start. I think a lot of people go through that and I definitely have been through it in past relationships I had, so it felt quite cathartic and honest to write about it” – Lo Lauren