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Following the incredible response to his debut single, ‘I Am‘, British queer-pop artist VAUGHAN releases ‘Living People’ which made its debut on Australia’s longest-running drama series Neighbours yesterday.

Beautifully poignant, ‘Living People’ captures listeners attention and hearts. This piano-driven piece features thoughtful lyrics and ethereal harmonies.

“You know life is for living,
Run away with the time,
Give to those less given,
Waging wars in their minds”

The song was written in one go after VAUGHAN experienced the unexpected loss of a friend. It’s an emotional reminder of how fragile and fleeting life is and how we need to cherish every moment.

“Cause you don’t know when the colour will go,
When you lose what you know,
When you live and you die,
Some living people don’t mind”

We often overlook everyday moments,” says VAUGHAN. “We forget how important it is to be grateful for the simple things. For the little things. I watched the ripple effect of someone who died too young and was reminded of how as living people, we often forget to live

‘Living People’ is co-produced by VAUGHAN and Ryan Phillips, the track is also executively produced by Julian Hinton (Trevor Horn) and mixed by Cameron Gower Poole (Mahalia).

Follow this rising star as he shines bright with his beautiful new release.

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