Listening To ‘Empty Doors’ by YADAM

by Marcus Adetola

27th February, 2020

They say “When one door closes, another one opens” but what does it all matter if they’re all empty inside? – YADAM

Listening to ‘Empty Doors’ by YADAM draws me into a hypnotic state. There is no escaping the sweet and harmonious melody of ‘Empty Doors’ with YADAM’s voice to create the perfect concoction to seduce you into his world.

YADAM sings ‘Empty Doors’ in three different languages English, French, and Spanish. He starts singing in French, the choruses in English, and then the bridge in Spanish, which did not fail to prepare you for the climax of the song.
Every syllable from YADAM conjures an intense feeling of wanting to know so desperately what he is talking about.
The lyrics are simple yet with meaning.

All of my soul
Can’t let you go
Show me where to go
All these opens doors
Are empty doors
Empty, Doors

There is an aesthetic buildup of emotion as the song progresses, and I did not want it to end.

‘Empty doors’ can be interpreted as a reflection of YADAM’s journey.

Venezuelan born, YADAM has experienced a lot for his 20 years in this world. YADAM has lived in several countries including the United States and now France. Due to the hardship in Venezuela, he left to seek better opportunities.

YADAM studied different languages to improve his prospects. In March 2017, he won the Alliance Française singing contest, and this offered him a flight to France. In France, he auditioned for “Nouvelle Star” ( french idol) where he reached the finals in December 2017, before obtaining an artist visa to stay in the country.

Listening to Empty Doors by YaDAM is an experience I have greatly enjoyed and I am looking forward to the release of his debut EP ‘SAFEPLACE’ on February 28, 2020

Empty Doors was written and composed by YADAM and PAUL ROMAN.

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