Leonie Sherif Shines With Her Own Brand Of R&B Electronica ‘Telepathy’

by Lucy Lerner

8th March, 2018

East Londoner Leonie Sherif is back with another round of her own brand of progressive R&B Electronica with ‘Telepathy’ and the Blakk Habit Remix. The original track is dark and moody and listeners should be prepared to be sucked into a whirlpool of gritty industrial instruments and amorphous synth loops. Leonie is an empowering woman and her music shrieks independence, defiance and confidence. Commanding vocals reflect this as they wind around crescendoing beats and prod into every crevice.
The ‘Blakk Habit Remix’ features glitchy samples with a dose of early noughties UK garage nostalgia. It’s an instantly infectious club cut.

Leonie Sherif is certainly carving out a name for herself with ambitiously futuristic music. It began when Leonie started experimenting with production and creating beats from 2016 onwards and she continues to hone her music which fuses shape-shifting electronica with the rich decadence of R&B.

‘Telepathy’ is the 2nd release from Leonie’s much-awaited EP ‘Nocturnal Waves’ set for release this May along with a music video for Leonie’s track ‘Equilibrium’.

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