LB Beistad’s If I Was A Cowboy: A Mesmerising Dive Into The Heart Of Emotion

by Marcus Adetola

18th August, 2023

LB Beistad's If I Was A Cowboy: A Mesmerising Dive into the Heart of Emotion

When LB Beistad graced our ears with Why Don’t We Go West, featured on Neon Music, it was clear that we were witnessing an artist capable of weaving intricate tales through melodies. The song was a testament to Beistad’s unique ability to blend genres and emotions seamlessly. Now, with the release of If I Was A Cowboy, Beistad takes us on yet another mesmerising journey.

This latest track, marking the third collaboration with the adept Nashville producer Jared Corder, resonates deeply, echoing the transformative power of music and the vastness of human emotion. From the outset, Beistad’s ethereal vocals envelop the listener in a dreamlike embrace. These vocals, described as “airy and evocative,” are the song’s heartbeat, guiding us through a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. The atmospheric soundscapes set the stage for a narrative filled with introspection and self-discovery.

The rhythmic cadence of the drums stands out, not merely as a musical element but as a pulsating embodiment of the song’s soul. They oscillate between the realms of melancholy and hope, mirroring the song’s narrative of enduring life’s tumultuous waves. This duality is further accentuated by the lyrics, which are both hauntingly beautiful and deeply personal.

Drawing from vivid imagery, Beistad paints a world where hummingbirds, coloured in the softest shades of blue, land on shoulders, and horses signify impending change. The mention of a cowboy running through a jungle is not just a poetic juxtaposition but a metaphorical representation of confronting the wild, unpredictable nature of life. The raw, emotional references to a deceased aunt and an uncle in turmoil add layers of authenticity, making the song a mirror to the soul’s complexities.

Beistad’s own reflections on the song offer a profound insight into its genesis. Labelling it as a “frustrated love song,” it becomes evident that If I Was A Cowboy is more than just a musical composition; it’s a therapeutic outlet. LB Beistad described If I Was A Cowboy exclusively to Neon Music, “This song was sort of a frustrated love song I wrote to myself as a way to deal with a lot of things that are out of my control. It’s a reminder to just push through difficult things even if you’re not handling them as well as you thought you would.”

Building on the acclaim of Why Don’t We Go West, If I Was A Cowboy further cements LB Beistad’s position in the music industry as not just a singer but a lyrical poet. Each song is a chapter, a story that resonates with listeners, transcending boundaries and genres.

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