Photo by Henry Groves

After seeing her name in a number of support slots in the Southampton area over the past few months I knew that Lauran Hibberd was someone I needed to check out. I finally caught her on the Hard Rock stage at the Isle of Wight Festival this year and I don’t think I was ready for how good she was going to be.

It can take artists years to find a style that suits them and sounds good at the same time, but she has definitely found her own style and it sounds amazing. Her upbeat and cheery indie pop mixed with her story-like lyrics work incredibly well together and make give her songs a quality that is rare for someone so early in their music career. Her sets are full of songs that are kind of like musical short stories, and she has even said to “not tell her stories, she will write songs about them”. My personal favourite song is ‘TV show’ which depicts a holiday where she lost her luggage and had to borrow clothes which did not suit her, showing how her life is anything but a TV show!

Lauran has recently released her latest single ‘Call Shotgun’ and sold out her first headline show at the Heartbreakers in Southampton. If there is someone to keep an eye on over the next year or two then Lauran Hibberd is someone to watch. Her future is definitely going to be a good one and it won’t be long until she is selling out far bigger venues up and down the country.