Lana Lubany Grabs Our Attention With Isolation

by Terry Guy

22th May, 2020

After a string of successful moments early in her career including an MTV feature and a performance for former President Barack Obama, Lana Lubany is now set to release her EP, cleverly consisting of 1-minute tracks. To kick-start this conceptually unusual portfolio, Lubany recently dropped Alive in Hell and now she releases Isolation. We are in awe of how in such a short time frame the unique diva manages to grab our attention with an unexpected fusion of acapella and sinister urban pop music.

Paint it on the wall, in my blood
Feel my eyes turning black
The world going numb
I live off the uncertainty
Give myself to the crowd
Sell myself to the clouds

Short, sweet, and straight to the point, Lubany delivers a trippy intro, which includes crowd, backing vocals providing the bass line via a mastered, glissando technique, up until the mid-tempo R&B pop beat drops. This leads us nicely to its climax which ends with the angry,stand-out line “I’ve had enough” following on from Lana’s confession that she does not need her “habibi” anymore (meaning my love in Arabic). It is an exceptionally interesting Alt-Pop piece, and taking into account the title of the song it is also somewhat thematically current.
Be sure to keep an eye out for Lana Lubany’s forthcoming EP DEVIL IN MY EDEN.

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