Kyoti Finds Comfort In ‘Citadel’

by Marcus Adetola

6th March, 2020

Kyoti finds comfort in ‘Citadel’, the sixth instalment of their latest body of work ‘Project Twelve. The pop trio releases a new song every month according to the plan set out with Project Twelve’.

Due to fake news, uncertainties, misinformation, and social paradigms present in the world today. ‘Citadel’ couldn’t have come at a better time. Everyone needs that comfort zone, an escape from the rigmaroles of everyday life.

Lead singer Ed says of the track, “The phrase “I need a citadel” sits at the heart of this song. I was thinking about how bombarded we all are in the modern world – by the news, social media, and constant expectations of success and progress – but that sometimes you just want to hang out with mates and loved ones, safe in the knowledge that there’s no judgement. For me that feels like a citadel and I think a lot of people are probably in need of that too.”

Kyoti does what they do best on ‘Citadel’, using a combination of beats, synths, keys, and expressive lyrics to create a fitting safe zone.

The delivery on ‘Citadel’ is in harmony with the matter, vigorous and flowing, but with a quaintness and richness necessary to make it relatable.

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