Kesha Has Got Her Balls Back And She’s Taking No Prisoners

by Lewis McNair

6th November, 2019

In October 2014, Kesha Rose Sebert and her mother, “Pebe” filed a suit in a California court of law against Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, claiming sexual assault, battery and seeking to invalidate the singers recording contracts she signed with the music producer aged 18. Countersuits from both Gottwald and Kesha would follow, however by April 2016, New York Judge Shirley Kornreich dismissed all of Kesha’s counterclaims against Dr. Luke. Kesha and her legal team appealed the injunction decision, and on June 7, 2016, Kesha recorded in a verbal deposition stating all the allegations details.

The woman has gone through hell.

Kesha came back in 2017 with her 3rd studio album ‘Rainbow’ released through RCA & Kemosabe Records – a California based record label founded by Gottwald. Prior to the release of the album, it was announced Gottwald was no longer the active CEO of the label and that the company is now wholly owned by Sony Music Entertainment. The album would go to be nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2018 Grammys while lead single ‘Praying’ also got the nod for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Kesha is now getting ready for her comeback. 

In October 2019 it was announced the singer will be realising a new album entitled ‘High Road’ on the 10th January 2020. Lead single ‘Raising Hell’, featuring New Orleans Bounce superstar Big Freedia, is currently being hailed as a return to form for Kesha. The girl who exploded onto the scene in 2010 who loved Iggy Pop & Mick Jagger, broke into Prince’s house to record music and secured number 1 records around the world. 

If nothing else this artist is a fighter. It’s coming round to that time again for her – here’s to her securing that Grammy she deserves at the 2021 ceremony! 

Dr. Luke has denied all of the allegations against him. It is a public record that this is widely discredited within the business.

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