KAWALA Releases New Video For The Uplifting ‘Do It Like You Do’

by Jade Dadalica

20th April, 2018

There’s a track that I’ve been listening to that I can’t stop playing in my car. Non-stop with the windows down, even if it’s raining…yeah, it’s that good. The song suits a Center Parcs advert with a barbecue and a family around a pool, trust me you’ll hear it on TV one day.

KAWALA (who are not Australian by the way, thought I’d clear that up) have blessed us with a new track called ‘Do It Like You Do’ and that’s exactly what the people in the video are doing. Directed by Tim Moorhouse, it features a collective of KAWALA’s friends and family that all came together at a school in Kentish Town to shoot the video. If I even tried to get my family to do this video I’d have my mum going “sorry I’m cooking dinner”, my dad refusing to dance and my sister sitting in a corner on her phone. Yeah, it just wouldn’t work. So thankfully you can just set your eyes on a more professional video by the duo. With their friends and family all dancing in front of the camera, it will always be memorable to the viewer and the band. Although there are two singers you can’t forget the rest of the talented bunch. KAWALA is made up of Jim Higson (Lead Vocals), Daniel McCarthy (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Batten (Drums), Reeve Coulson (Bass) and Dan Lee (Guitar).


‘Do It Like You Do’ is the follow-up to the Kentish town duo’s debut single ‘Small Death’, which has a completely different style. KAWALA really want to make you pack your bags and go to a festival with this tune. It really gives out summery vibes and the guitar playing cannot be faulted with people commenting on the song wanting to learn the tune.  I wouldn’t mind having a music lesson with this talented band. The single is so infectious; it’s a funky, indie, pop song that incorporates an afrobeat which makes you feel free and capable of anything. When the band released the single ‘Do It Like You Do’ it quickly became a favourite with fans and Spotify alike, including being heavily featured in many of the largest indie and pop playlists, as well as appearing in several ‘New Music Friday’ lists including UK, Italy & Poland.

KAWALA comment on the song, “The message in ‘Do It Like You Do’ that we want to convey is one of encouragement in the face of a new surrounding or scenario. The best way to deal with finding yourself in a new setting is to do what you do best. We wanted to reflect this through the upbeat positive nature of the track.”  

The band came together while studying at Leeds college of music. It was only a few months before they agreed to drop out and head back to North London to start the band, it’s safe to say they made the right decision as they are signed to Mahogany Records.

You don’t have to live in the L.A. sunshine, dress in summer dresses and shorts every day to enjoy ‘Do It Like You Do.’ The song brings summer to you.

Live dates:
May 5th – Live At Leeds
May 6th – Liverpool Sound City
May 25th – Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
May 26th – Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
May 27th – Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham

+ more shows to be announced

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