Juni Poet Is Dying To Be Heard In Whisper

by Lucy Lerner

31st July, 2020

No I don’t wanna Whisper at all
I wanna fucking scream

I think we can all relate to Juni Poet’s new single Whisper. Despite often feeling like screaming our thoughts and opinions, we often whisper them as it’s better to be heard a little than not to be heard at all. Juni wanted to put his thoughts into a song about how it feels to hide a big part of your identity from the world. This comes across well through his passionate lyrics despite the song being quite calm throughout. The repeated swearing in particular heightens the intensity of the song.

All the stories we won’t tell them
They’re safe within our soul
That we keep shut until we die
But I don’t wanna Whisper at all
No I don’t wanna Whisper at all
I wanna scream til’ my lungs fall apart

Juni Poet has created a track with a unique pattern to get his feelings heard. Not just through lyrics, but the melancholic guitar as well. Whisper is another thought-provoking track from the young Swedish artist who uses honest feelings as a tool for creating relatable and exciting alt-pop music.

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