JUJ’s How Could I Be Mad? Shimmers With Scintillating Pop Sensibilities

by Marcus Adetola

27th June, 2020

How Could I Be Mad? by LA singer-songwriter JUJ shimmers with scintillating pop sensibilities. She weaves emotionally charged lyrics with an uplifting panache creating a carnivalesque atmosphere. JUJ’s vocals drive the infectious harmony on the song and are in perfect synchronization with the instrumentals.

Even though the instrumentals are superb on the song, JUJ comports herself as the central attraction of the song. She not only maintains pace with the change and introduction of new sounds on the track, but her performance also stands out. JUJ has delivered a crisp and infectious sound in How Could I Be Mad?

JUJ is set to release a new EP in the coming months so be sure to keep an eye out.

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