JUJO x JOSHCIRI x Outlaw The Artist’s Revelation Creates A Head Rush

by Lucy Lerner

13th November, 2020

JUJO’s Revelation featuring JOSHCIRI x Outlaw The Artist was born to be turned up loud. Featuring an intoxicating fusion of genres it is bound to resonate as it relays the issues the pandemic has had on people around the world, “Quarantine away with monsters“.

Melbourne based producer and artist JUJO has incorporated a torrent of emotions in his new track released in a stream of Punk Rock, Hip-hop, and Drum n’ Bass. “The vision was to harness the energy that makes people jump out of their skin and feel alive due to effects that anxiety and depression can have.” Revelation certainly does that and creates an intense head rush.

JOSHCIRI’s vocals are gritty and raw; pouring emotion at every note. NY/London hip-hop star Outlaw The Artist smoothly slides with slick bars elevating the track to another level.

If there is one thing to come out of this year, it’s this track.

and on and on I lose my self,
filled up with doubt stuck in this house,
If every moment’s supposed to count,
then why am I so lost

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