Jerad Finck Returns with New Single ‘Home’

by neonmusic

20th August, 2019

We can find our way, we can find our way back home

Riding high after the success of his previous release’s Runaways’ and ‘Criminal’, Spokane born singer-songwriter Jerad Finck has returned with his emotional electro-pop anthem ‘Home’.

Co-written with Steven Solomon (who is behind James Arthur’s smash hit ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’), and Jake Newton (a member of the alt-pop group Sleeping Wolf), ‘Home’ is a sensitive reminder that it’s never too late to find our way back home.

Starting slowly with a commanding drumbeat and assortment of synths, the song soon gets going with the introduction of Finck’s smooth and yet dominant vocals. His voice has a commanding presence, and yet it is never overwhelming. It negotiates the track’s pitch and dynamic changes effortlessly whilst delivering the lyrics in such a way that means they are felt as much as they are heard – the track is a real triumph.

The chorus’ declaration that “We can find our way, we can find our way back home” encourages us to look at our own lives, and question whether we are heading in the right direction for us. ‘Home’ is, at its core, an emphatic vow to remain authentic to your initial dreams and goals.

For me, music is always thematic and cinematic, I want it to be a feeling or scene that brings the listener to a place outside of the moment, a place all its own”, said Finck when asked about what he was trying to achieve with the release of the single. “Home is a song that was cathartic for me in a sense that no matter what, no matter how far you go, or how bad things can seem, there is always a way back, there is always a way back to where you started, or why or where you began in the first place.”

Listen to ‘Home’ below and stay tuned to see what this exciting artist gets up to next.

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