Jennifer Kamikazi’s New Song Black Skin Is An Empowering Message Of Pride And Beauty

by Lucy Lerner

25th September, 2020

In case you forgot I’ll remind you again, that my black is beautiful

There is so much to say about Jennifer Kamikazi‘s new song Black Skin. It has been released during the time of Black Lives Matter and a period when life is incredibly difficult for most. So why not instead choose to celebrate your heritage, your skin, your beauty. And Jennifer Kamikazi does just that in such a positive and heartfelt way.

“I wrote this song during quarantine to celebrate the skin colour that I now adore, not just my complexion but every complexion. Growing up in Rwanda, I was never ashamed of my dark skin. It wasn’t until I moved to the UK I experienced the harsh reality of growing up in a society with toxic beauty standards hardly anyone can meet. Through ‘Black skin’ I hope to challenge the western beauty ideal, and also wish to start a conversation on colourism, something prevalent both in Black and Asian communities.”
– Jennifer Kamikazi

The talented British/Rwandan singer-songwriter wrote Black Skin with producer Tania Ilyashova as she shifted from previous indie-folk tracks to more of an R&B vibe. Black Skin is such an intimate song with a warm and spacious soundscape. Jennifer’s swooning vocals stand out but there are so many beautiful touches from delicate instrumentals to the cascading melody and overall low-key feeling.

Jennifer Kamikazi’s Black Skin is a vision of beauty and an empowering message for all.

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