James Billett’s new single, What Will They Say About Us was written before George Floyd was murdered. That seems impossible, with Billet positioning himself as a philosophical observer in defense of the maligned, watching the world repeat mistakes again and again with a quiet incredulity and condemnation of human behaviour. In direct support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and in partnership with the release of this song and video, Billett has teamed up with Black Minds Matter UK.

An essential charity in the protection of mental health in the wake of the latest onslaught of violence against Black lives, Black Minds Matter UK was formed in the days following the murder of George Floyd, and in response to the deterioration of Black mental health. They aim to provide free mental health services across the UK for Black families and to make mental health topics relevant and accessible for all Black people in the UK.

This partnership will see James Billett fundraising for this fantastic charity, and donating a percentage of the proceeds from this single towards their efforts to bring accessible mental health support to Black families all over the UK.

And all I see
Is history being repeated
All progress deleted
By the hand we placed
To amplify our every mistake

What Will They Say About Us is out now.


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