Jake Sing Drops The Anthemic And Empowering Fresh Off The Boat

by Lucy Lerner

31st July, 2021

Jake Sing Drops The Anthemic And Empowering Fresh Off The Boat

Jake $ing drops his anthemic and empowering new release Fresh Off The Boat. The song has a summery vibe and very catchy melody, but the song has a darker undertone as it explores the violence and hatred towards Asians which has increased during the era of the pandemic, “I guess that’s the world we’re living in”. Jake dedicates this song to anyone who has felt different, been bullied or just ashamed of where they come from. Fresh Off The Boat is to inspire them to feel good about where they come from, who they are and to celebrate their heritage and identity.

The song is also a nod to Jake’s childhood when he and his family moved from his birthplace Shanghai to California. He says, “They call people like me FOBs (fresh off the boat) because we were born overseas.”

Fresh Off The Boat is an inspiring track wrapped up in a contemporary pop package. It’s a celebration of life and Jake looks like he had fun making the visuals. The meaning will resonate with people around the world, “not ashamed of who I am, not ashamed of where I’m from, not ashamed of feeling this way, you can hate all you want, but I’m proud when I say, I’m fresh fresh fresh of the motherf**king boat.”

Jake $ing discusses his powerful new release, “This song is about representation, open-mindedness, and just being kind to each other; not being ashamed of where you’re from and not apologizing for being who you are. Everyone came from somewhere and everyone has a story. Our differences don’t need to divide us.”

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