‘It’s Just You’ Is A Melancholic Ride From Duo Nancy

by Darrell Smith

24th February, 2020

‘It’s Just You’ is the latest track from London based duo Nancy, masterfully capturing a bleak and pained situation with sincere honesty. What began as a writing session, soon transformed into something powerful. Both artists were frustrated and disillusioned, but together something clicked.

We never intended to be a band, but the songs came so naturally and quickly. We instantly felt a special connection to the music and knew it had created a world of its own.” – Nancy

As soon as the delicately recorded guitar and percussion open the song, the feeling of complete disillusionment is apparent with the subtle slide down the neck adding even more pain and hopelessness.

The pain and intimacy in the vocal delivery massively supplement the power of the story, with a tender rawness and passionate desperation enveloping the listener. Vocals sound airy, with a lonely echo that reverberates into the ether. It’s the perfect production choice, and it sounds great.

While ‘It’s Just You’ is a relatively simple song, It is masterfully crafted lament on the uncertain. Of not understanding what to do next, and of maybe, finally having enough.

Take over, step in to my place
The spotlights on all of my mistakes
You know how that feels
I know you don’t mean no harm
Don’t want to be healed
Just hold me in your arms

Things pick up for the chorus, With the perfect vocal delivery and volume shift of the extremely poignant “It’s Just You I’m Waiting on”.

All the instruments and soaring vocals entwine in prayer, with the clouds breaking to let a subtle beam of sunlight through, if even for just a moment. This is the perfect mimic of life, as things are not always dark. Sometimes hope and light enters our lives completely unexpectedly and leaves again just as quickly as we found it.

This is the perfect follow on from the ‘Three Birds EP’ released back in 2018. And it shows a vast maturity and evolution in songwriting and storytelling.

‘It’s Just You’ is full of carefully considered musical prowess, but ultimately it’s the eerie and haunted lyricism of the singers vocal delivery that ultimately transforms this track into something masterful.

Nancy is set to release a new EP, and this is the perfect start to a fantastic year for the duo.

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