Luena2019 got off to an impressive start for rising star LUENA with the release of her debut single ‘Worth It’. The track, with its heartfelt declaration of commitment and dedication, is a very welcome introduction to this young artist. We managed to catch up with her to talk about her time at the BRITS and what she learned from the experience.

Hi LUENA! So, tell us about the BRIT’s
So, I’ve just been to the BRIT Awards and my mind is blown! It was my first time going and I actually felt like a real pop star, walking down the red carpet in a beautiful dress made by Ariella Fashion.

What was it like being surrounded by all the artists and celebrities?
I can’t lie, being there has definitely given me even more drive to want to achieve more as an artist. I saw the likes of Dua Lipa and Little Mix collect awards, and musically they are people I look up to and I really hope to be doing the same thing as them soon.

How does it differ from what we see on the TV?!
I went to the BRITs with my friend Asher Knight, who I have done a few tours with over the last couple of years, and we were both so amazed at how the event actually runs on the night as opposed to on TV – it’s a completely different experience. We spent a lot of the evening laughing about where our tables will be when we’re hopefully nominated for awards ourselves. Personally, I want to be right near the front so I can see EVERYTHING!

What was your highlight of the night?
A standout moment of the night for me was going to the after party and getting to meet a bunch of people and hear what they do and tell them about my music. We saw a few famous faces and it was an awesome experience.

Any final words on the experience?
Overall, going to the BRITs definitely made me imagine how life could hopefully pan out for me. I can’t wait for the next step in my adventure as a musician and I really hope that next year I can be nominated for Best Breakthrough Artist!!

Check out LUENA’s brand new single ‘Worth It’ below, and stay tuned to see what this dynamic young talent gets up to next…