Interview With New RnB Star James Kaye

by Lucy Lerner

16th October, 2018

The new single from James Kaye will carry you away on a mellow cloud. Using his own style of RnB and pop the West Coast Native knows how to reel the listener in with delicious songs which need to be played on a continuous loop. His new single ‘Colors’ is produced by twice Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Swivel (Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Chain Smokers) and is the second single from Kaye’s highly anticipated EP ‘Wish You Were Here’.

James Kaye obviously loves the water because he uses rain sounds in ‘Colors’ which carry from the theme of previous single ‘Coconut’ which begins with the sound of the ocean. ‘Colors’ is chilled and lush sharply observed and sensual lyrics. Crisp production, experimental flourishes, and even a tropical feel at one point ensure this song is on point and fresh at all times.

Neon Music interviewed James Kaye about his new music, what he thinks about the RnB Scene and more.

Tell me about your new single ‘Colors’
‘Colors’ to me is a trip around the world in under 3 minutes. I recently went on a trip to get away for a while and reflect. While travelling, I sort of embarked on a “spiritual journey” through the jungle which to me is basically the setting of the song. This journey made me especially think back on my relationship with the woman I love.

When I pictured her face, she had all these wild colors all around her, almost like one of those snapchat filters or something. When I came back to record COLORS, the song was practically already written in my head.

‘Colors’ is taken from your EP ‘Wish You Were Here’ can you tell me what listeners can expect from the project?
‘Colors’ is the 2nd single off my upcoming EP titled ‘Wish You Were Here’ produced by DJ Swivel and Sean Ross. My first single ‘Coconut’ can be found everywhere as well!

What are some of your favorite tracks from the EP and why?
This is a tough question for me because they all play such an important part of the story and represent what’s actually going on in my life and my relationship. My favorite is probably the duet I did with my good friend Candace Sosa, who’s an amazing writer, producer, and vocalist. The whole project really came out better than I could have ever imagined.

Who/what are some of your musical inspirations or influences?
My music is so much inspired by the love I have for life and people. A lot of it surrounds my relationship with a very special woman, and all the ups and downs we face when we are in a loving relationship with someone and trying to make it work. I love RnB and Hip-Hop and have really started to take a strong liking to more chill EDM stuff, and that’s really starting to come through in my sound as-well thanks to my long-time producer and great friend Sean Ross.

Walk me through the creative process when writing your music or recording a song?
It always varies… Some of the best stuff seems to come out and when (Sean) Ross and I are in the studio, find a cool sound that we both are feeling and just go from there. A little rum never hurts to get the vibe right either!

What do you think about the R&B landscape at the moment and where do you think you fit in?
I love RnB and just music in general right now because it’s less about the genre and so much more about moods. My music feels like RnB because of the melodies, the subject matter and a lot of the chords I naturally gravitate towards, but we’ve really tried to create all these special moments throughout the records to give them a more unique style and feel. This has been much to do with the direction and guidance of DJ Swivel, who really masterminded the whole project and really gave it the glue.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Me, as serious as I might seem throughout the music, I really just like to joke around and have a good time. I don’t take myself too seriously and if you hang out with me you find out pretty quick that I just like to enjoy myself, enjoy life and make sure the people around me are having fun too. It should also be noted that I seem to really know my way around a BBQ!

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?
Honestly, as boring as it is, I love water. It’s everything to me hahaha. It also happens to be the key ingredient to my two of my other favorite beverages: Coffee and Beer.

The up-and-coming artist you love the most is…?
I’m really into Ella Mai! I love what she’s doing right now, her voice, her swag, everything is super fire… Definitely would love to get a chance to work with her someday.

If you weren’t in music what would you be doing?
I always say to people who ask me how I’ve managed to pursue what I love. It’s like if you love basketball… Only 300 people can play in the NBA each year. But the NBA provides opportunities for thousands (if not more) to work in and be around an industry that they love. If you love music, even if you can’t be a singer, writer, producer etc. you will find a way to be involved somehow!

What song do you wish you had recorded and why?
Haha, this is hard because there are so many good ones. I think if I cut This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, I’d be pretty stoked. But then again not sure how that song would have done with me on it hahaha.

Who would play you in a movie and why?
Haha, I’m not really sure who I would play, but I would love to play in a movie with Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco, and those guys. That just sounds like a good time.

What’s next for James Kaye?
I’m just looking forward to continue putting out music and getting to share it with the world. From there, I’ve got some cool ideas on how I want my live experiences to be… Let’s just say it’s definitely going to be a vibe!

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