Interview With Matt Fryers As He Reminds Us What Live Music Is All About

by Lucy Lerner

16th October, 2020

British Alt-Rock artist Matt Fryers pours his heart and soul into his recent double A-side featuring Face In The Window and Wasteland performed live at Manchester’s The Whiskey Jar. With intimate acoustics and raw vocals, Fryers really sets the tone for his expressive songs and makes you feel part of the live music scene once again.

Despite the lack of live music and closure of UK music venues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fryers has been busy making music, using live feeds and social media to his advantage, and continuing to feel inspired. His double A-Side somehow feels more poignant than ever due to what is happening around us and his music resonates deep into the listener’s soul with its melancholy and passionate tones. We caught up with Matt to discuss what keeps him going, reminiscing on his musical highlights, and much more.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?
Acoustic songs with a difference.

Tell me about your new double A-Side
These are two tracks taken from a performance at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester. There is an amazing atmosphere in that place and these two tracks have been captured in a way that is impossible to obtain in a studio.​

The tracks are very powerful – what inspired you to write them?
I always write from experience. I tend to get a lot of my frustrations and bad thoughts out through the music. These two were written at a time when I wasn’t in the best place. One is about a dream. One a reality. I’ll let you decide which one is which.​

What lyric or song resonates with you the most from the project? Wasteland always has an effect on me whether I’m listening back or playing it live. It’s powerful for me in many ways.​

What did you miss most during the lockdown?
Seeing friends. Although we started doing live feeds not long after it started so that gave us somewhat a social gig experience and allowed us to have a laugh with people.​

What has been inspiring you lately?
Life always inspires me if you don’t live under a rock there’s always something to write about. Even if you do there’s still a song in there somewhere.​

What’s been your favourite live gig you’ve played and why?
I was involved in a project a good few years ago where 4 bands and I recorded a compilation album. Then we did a launch party, and the night was the best thing ever. I’ve played much bigger gigs at bigger venues since but nothing will match that due to all the awesome people that were there that night.​

Despite the pandemic, what have been your highlights this year?
Starting our live feed, and working with some awesome people despite the restrictions.​

What are the biggest challenges you find in the music industry?
Weeding out the bullshit.​

And what do you enjoy most?
Playing songs to people.​

Matt Fryers’ Live at The Whiskey Jar (Double-A side) is out now.

London Boy · Matt Fryers – Live at The Whiskey Jar (Double-A side)
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