Interview With J-Fresh At His Exclusive ‘Oh My’ Single Launch

by Jade Dadalica

19th October, 2018

In the opening seconds of ‘Oh My’, it’s clear who is boss! “I have arrived“, “I ain’t scared of nothing” and “stay over there out of my zone” sweeps through the start of the track, letting us know that we should NOT mess with Madders Tiff, a fierce female Grime MC. We can’t forget the main man, J-Fresh, who has created the freshest track (see what I did there) to conclude 2018. ‘Oh My’ is the new single from J-Fresh ft Madders Tiff, and I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for it at G-Shock in Carnaby Street. The event was truly an experience; a room full of talented, trendy people who came together to support the new single. 12 months have gone by and J-Fresh has dropped two albums, ‘Fruit Salad’ and ‘Juice.’ His music has covered the likes of Link Up TV, RWD and GRM Daily. Video releases for ‘Die Young’, ‘Dem Man’, ‘Pablo’ and my personal fave ‘Lock Down’ have also swarmed the internet. A simple Instagram DM made these two artists merge together to form this catchy, urban track named ‘Oh My.’

J-Fresh tells me, “It’s a grime record so it has that sort of energy and tempo. Madders Tiff is the MC/rapper on the track and she’s dope, she wrote all of the bars. I found Madders on Instagram. I always follow lots of artists online, even if they’re established or new, and I came across Madders and she was dope. I sent her the record, told her she’d sound good on it and she loved it straight away.

The lively flow is mixed with Madders Tiff’s fiery bars, it really makes your head nod to the beat.
J comments, “We are really happy with the record that has come out. There’s some nice interest around it, it’s a good time for it.”

Highsnobiety, a streetwear blog, featured J-Fresh in their ‘10 under the radar artists to discover this week’ and he received an enthusiastic album review for ‘Juice’ on Mixmag. Obviously, this track shows off his talent as a DJ, but it doesn’t stop there. Broadcaster, interviewer and producer are also J’s specialties.

What does he like best? “I think being a DJ is my favourite, the other stuff like radio is really exciting and the way you do that is different to how you DJ in a club! Seeing records you made playing in Snapchat videos, in the car or a club is super cool. DJing is the first thing I got into out of all those things! You can DJ at a festival with thousands of people but you learn to play differently because of the scale of people. I love it, man.

The song elevates when the beat drops in the middle, the rapping becomes faster and I feel myself wanting to be part of Madders Tiff’s friendship group. She knows what she wants and gets it! “Easily I see what they lack, what I’ve got they don’t have is that.” J-Fresh may have found a gem in Madders Tiff, but he also listens to classic artists and emerging ones.

Dave and Fredo have just released a track that’s doing really well, it might get to No 1 which is amazing. Lil Wayne dropped his album, Swizz Beatz has an album coming out soon, and I listened to Michael Jackson on the train up here.” MJ is for every hour.

J continues, “Kojo Funds is dope, I really think he’s super talented. People love his songs when we play them in a club, I think he’s really, really talented, people haven’t caught that yet but they need to listen to his mixtape” Could we see a future feature from Kojo Funds on a J-Fresh Track?Charlie Sloth, Rude Kid, and DJ Target have shouted out J-Fresh and I’m sure ‘Oh My’ will be praised by them too. This is a unique rap song – you can dance to it and that’s what makes it catchy. J-Fresh, the nicest and most talented guy. Madders Tiff, a super talented up-coming MC. What more could you want from two artists on one track? ‘OH MY’ out now!

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