Interview With Isaac B

by Lucy Lerner

12th May, 2020

Why oh why we let our dreams die?

Isaac B releases the angelic Love Yourz. Opening with peaceful strings and emotive piano on a dreamy loop it is a soulful track. Isaac B’s fluid flow is a celebration of life, music and what drives him, but we also learn about him as an artist. The lyrics are authentic, beautifully poetic, and rich with emotion. The soundscape is expansive and warm, but it also feels fragile and intimate. You can’t help but be drawn to Love Yourz like a magnet.

We caught up with Isaac B to find out more about his new single, what is inspiring him during lockdown and what he has planned next:

Tell me about your new track Love Yourz
I wrote Love Yourz in a sunken place, without direction I battled myself but found hope in my fellow artistic comrades and collective communities. The track title intends to pay homage to ourselves, Love Yourz – It’s a celebration for everyone, everywhere. Representing the beginning of our journeys, whether artistically or anyone pursuing a vision that can seem far fetched, my mantra song for the fruits of our labour to come.

Love Yourz kicks off an elevating discussion on the tribulations of life, the fears, desires, and us already embodying all we need to keep going. It’s an ode to my first love, driving force and saviour; music. I’m reflecting and focusing on the internal; “You keep tryna save the world but keep walking past the source, it’s you”.

It took me a long time to actually enjoy performing written songs live. I only found joy in the freestyling element till recently, I feel myself loving the life and talents I’ve been blessed with. I’m expressing my gratitude to have made it this far.

Walk me through your writing process – do you need to be in a particular place or mood?
Not necessarily. Before I used to write I would just freestyle so it can be very sporadic, I end up being out (normally) and pull out my phone and write as a thought randomly drifts into my head but what steers me mostly is the production I’m working with and the feeling behind that, whether it’s emotive or energy drive, I start by freestyling as it always flows better and then listen back to the voice notes. 

Who or what is inspiring you musically at the moment?
I’ve always been inspired by community. I’m part of two collectives AndWhatLdn and The Rattle as we’re always active it helps me keep going and come up with new ideas. But the more I live the more I write.

Is there a particular message or theme in your music you would like to get across to listeners?
It’s hard to pinpoint as I tend to contradict myself but throughout every song, there’s a consistent message to be the best version of yourself, don’t let anybody box you in and accept it’s okay to change your mind. As humans, we’re so versatile and everything we do should reflect that.

How are you coping in Lockdown? Are you still feeling inspired musically?
I’ve kept myself quite busy throughout lockdown which has helped massively, somedays I feel encaged but then I just write about it. Most days I have been live streaming my writing sessions on Twitchwhich people come in with ideas and can inspire me throughout the process. 

“The more I live the more I write.”

You moved from Florida to London in 2013 – which British artists do you admire and what do you miss about the USA?
In 2013 I had only known a handful of British artists Chipmunk & Little Simz, she did a “Dreams Money Can Buy” drake cover then I ended up at University with her which is mad. But now I’m loving the new wave of UK Hip Hop artists: Kojey Radical, Slow Thai, Denzel Himself and my boy Charlie Dax put me on to Headie One which I’m feeling heavy. The sun, space, and the food, I don’t know how much longer I can deal with the cold and greyness 70% of the year, it’s insane. But generally, I spent way more time outside, the overall lifestyle was more country and laid back and I miss that.   

How does the music scene differ from Florida to London?
It’s close-knit here, London’s small, we would drive forever back home to hit bigger shows I ain’t have no local club much less now four I could walk to. But that being said, I didn’t immerse myself into music on a professional level till the last 3 years, we all just rapped and freestyled in the whip, parking lots and on the court.

People just flex differently and I think that makes one of the big differences in the scene. I’ve seen it a little here but like when Broward videos are being made and artists are releasing, the ATVs, motorbikes, and sticks are out, street parties going on, there was still a big street movement when I left. Baby Apee my old homies little brother’s videos show some of that movement on a small scale. There’s a serious DIY spirit and hustle that I don’t come across as much here or it feels different.

What movie or TV series would you love for Love Yourz to be played in?
Top Boy or Love Island ha! That would be insane or if Gambino does another Atlanta series, my mother already calls me Paper Boy.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I’m apparently 5 % Irish, probably the reasoning for my high alcohol tolerance, I’ve got 2 degrees (a Bachelors and a Masters) and practice yoga and meditation. Not the idea people get or would imagine especially hearing some of my trap songs.

If you weren’t in music what else do you think you would be doing?
Well currently I work as a music technician and a mixing and mastering engineer to pay the bills but if it were nothing related to music at all probably videography/photography. I wouldn’t be able to cope in a field without some sort of creative aspect. 

Guilty pleasures?
Well, I watch Love Island & Made in Chelsea and am addicted to Rose Wine. ha

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?
I don’t want to give too much away but after the first few tracks, there’s a shift in energy with rather than reflection, a statement, especially on the track entitled I’m Here. There will also be a surprise break in the EP with a collaborative project with Dubai based artist Bea Kadri. Stay Tuned.

Isaac B’s EP Chances Ocean is due for release this summer. 

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