Interview With Hip-Hop Artist & Fashion Entrepreneur PashaPG

by Lucy Lerner

2nd August, 2018

Introducing rising hip-hop artist PashaPG who also runs a fashion company Club Foreign which is made up of musicians, artists and stylists. Pasha is from NYC, by way of Russia and explodes onto the scene and the summer with a hit single featuring Tekashi 6IX9INE which incorporates fast and furious flow with and underlay of soft rock.

Neon Music caught up with about PashaPG to find out more:

Tell me about your new single ‘Dope’
It’s a Hype Cross over single, mixture of a little Rock in it, with the message of proving people wrong and believe in what u do.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?
Very unique and different, mix with pop and trap, very diverse

Who or what is inspiring you musically at the moment?
Drake, for his diversity

What is your first musical memory?
Music class in Russia

What has surprised you most about being in the music industry?
50 cent and they way he hustled his way up as well as his story

How much time do you spend on social media per day?
4 hours the most, in total

Top 5 artists of 2018
A boogie
Tekashi 69

If you weren’t in music, what else do you think you would be doing?
Fashion – and already doing it at the same time

If ‘Dope’ could be played in any TV show or movie what would you choose?
Power TV Show

Do you collect anything?

Dream collaborations?

Who would play you in a movie and why?
Russian mobster – got the look and would play the role well

What’s next for PashaPG?
Pasha Go Getta / hustler

You can stream ‘Dope’ here.

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