BABYTEETHAs soon as the vocals of Camilla Roholm, lead singer of BABYTEETH, drops within the first second of the band’s latest single ‘Cocoon,’ you are instantly reminded of the slick yet raw Pop Punk voice of Canadian rocker Bif Naked, as well as 90’s Riot Grrrl bands such as L7. Packed with superbly performed guitar riffs by Eilidh McKellar in the instrumental, pre-chorus sections, as well as Roholm’s yodel-like vocal flips from chest to head-voice in the song’s surreal main hook, ‘Cocoon’ is bound to grab the attention of Alt-Rock lovers universally. And, of course, a definite headbanger requires a trippy music video, in order to throw us back to an era of music many of us have missed. With weird, black and white imagery of a hand squeezing an egg, a pale-faced doll, a disturbing-looking mannequin, butterflies, and BABYTEETH rocking out to their new track, overall it is an eye-grabbing, Grunge-throwback extravaganza, well worth the watch. The catchy harmonies of ‘Cocoon’ have been the ultimate way to kick off 2019, so Neon Music had to have a little chat with the band about their new music…

Neon Music is loving your throwback Alt-Rock sound. It has reminded us, specifically of the 90’s Grunge era, as well as some Britpop vibes. Who are the bands which have inspired BABYTEETH’s sound?
Well, you’ve hit the nail on its thinly veiled head. Our writing is definitely influenced by the stuff we heard as kids in terms of chords and melody choices, but we try to make the production as 2019 as possible. We love those bands, but if we were just a pastiche of the 90’s we’d be pointless.

How and when did BABYTEETH form?
We all met at Slimming World.

Vocally we are getting vibes of Canadian rocker Bif Naked. Which singers specifically does Camilla look up to?
We just checked her out. Thanks for the introduction. We can sort of hear a resemblance, except Camilla, can sing in tune ha ha ha ha. Not to start any Bif-beef or anything.

Tell us about the lyrical inspiration behind your new single ‘Cocoon’?
Cocoon is about emotional death and rebirth. It’s about how we sometimes make bad choices because they’re more fun, and choosing to be grateful for the shitty things you’ve gone through because it made you emerge stronger on the other side.

Vinyl records, cassettes, CDs or downloads?
We’ll make anything you’ll buy, to be honest. We’re poor. We only own vinyl and downloads ourselves though.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
Hidden meanings are probably at the core of most lyric writing, but we try to write in a simple catchy way and try not to disappear up our own poetic arseholes too much. We think it’s important to write truthfully, yet still remember that you’re writing for other people’s enjoyment too, not just your own.

Since ‘Cocoon’ is your third single, are we to expect an EP or an LP to be released soon?
Think we’re just gonna keep throwing singles at you all year. Hopefully, you’ll like them.

What’s an average day like for BABYTEETH?
Clean up cat sick, play guitar, work, repeat.

What are the challenges you find being in the music industry?
Knowing you’ll never be as successful as Ed Sheeran.

Top 5 tracks of 2018
1 Everything on the last Slaves album (“Approach with caution /I have grown my muscles to an intimidating proportion” is 100% the best lyric of 2018)
2 Courtney Barnett – Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence.
3 Soccer Mommy – Your Dog
4 Thom Yorke – Suspirium
5 Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
One of us has 11 toes.

Guilty pleasures?
ASMR videos, gambling, and strippers.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Music is full. Become an accountant.

What gig dates do you have coming up? We seriously need to see you guys rock out
Headlining Fyre Festival. Dates to announce soon. Please come so we get to show off for you.

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