Indulge your senses in Ur Girl’s Fine by PENNY

by Lucy Lerner

11th October, 2021

Indulge your senses in the catchy new single Ur Girl’s Fine from British singer-songwriter PENNY. With a danceable mid-tempo beat and soaring vocals Ur Girl’s Fine relays a difficult time in PENNY’s life as she reflects on her time in a toxic relationship while at University. 

PENNY has collaborated with Will Serfass on this track and he has produced her debut EP which is set for release early next year. The visuals for Ur Girl’s Fine are homemade and which PENNY created as an ode to the Northern Quarter family in Huddersfield. The grassroots bar and music venue she features play a huge part of the local scene. The music video brings to life PENNY’s personality and add an extra dimension to an already personal song.

“When I wrote Ur Girl’s Fine, I was well and truly trapped in a toxic and abusive environment, and the song was just a way for me to romanticize the whole situation; a way to convince myself it was all normal and fine,”

“I feel sorry for the girl who wrote this song back then, but I also feel so proud of how much she’s grown and changed. – PENNY

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