There’s something to Deliah’s new single ‘Achromatic’ and the more I hear it, the more I like it.

The song takes you to a strange place… there you can indulge in sadness and basically play on the whole Emo-spectrum!

The paradoxical theme of romanticized depression is wonderfully captivated by the most amazing and beautiful lyrics – when I read them I get goosebumps!! – and by utter darkness in regards to their meaning.

“Take a dip into my mind’s eye. Let your colours be washed out, as you sink and your shades drown.

Gaze but I don’t see, gasp but I don’t breathe.

Lusting for lost time, living in hindsight, losing in a daily fight…”


‘Achromatic’ offers an interesting mix of electronic, melancholic beats and sounds, feeling hypnotic and thriving, with lots of bass and guitar and carpets of various melodies combined with a feminine powerful voice.

The song has so many layers, it gets really complex. Some elements are airy and breezy, others dark and weird. The sure thing is: Indie R&B, Trip Hop and Electronica are finding here their perfect blend.

At the end ‘Achromatic’ reaches its most sweeping moment, an outcry that feels actually cathartic – goosebumps again!!

Deliah delves with this song deep into the realm of mystery, into the colours grey, black and white. They leave things open, but they also open up an interesting discourse about art, mental health and depression and how these are intertwined and connected, often indeed romanticized… maybe falsely so.