Hunnid X Streetz pulls a Hunnid Jordan Streetz Pippen. The two MC’s have created their lane, taking us back in time both with the lyricism and music video. They talk a good game benchmarking the quality of their work using basketball references. You cannot doubt Hunnid X Streetz, especially with the torrid amount of sleek bars they let rip on the ominous bass line. Some of the lines are just damn rude, and funny too. Something you’ve come to expect and respect in rap culture.

The music video continues with the morose and vintage theme of the lyrics, as an old school beat’em up arcade game. In the video, Hunnid X Streetz are the main protagonists aggressively decimating every opposition. Just as they have with the lyrics handling business. At some point we all have to straight up pull a Hunnid Jordan Streetz Pippen.