Howl with The ‘Wolves’ As Fred Seul Releases New Single

by Thomas Harvey

21th June, 2018

Danish singer/songwriter Fred Seul releases a bittersweet new single ‘Wolves’ which blends electronic pop with origins in folk music. The track displays a sense of optimism with harsh realism, as the instrumentation complements his lyrical themes and baritone vocal lines.

My wolves they keep me searching for the dawn

In the follow up to Seul’s debut single, ‘Lights Will Come (After Long)’ Seul aims to discuss social topics that are often undiscussed, with ‘Wolves’ outlining the growing fears of being outside in the world, amongst the terrors that we read about in the news.

Copenhagen based Seul described the track, “In its core, we’re talking about a catchy road-trip folk song. Dynamically, the track gets spiced up with a modern twist of organic analog synthesizers, daring hip-hop snares and electronic harmonies through the vocals.

‘Wolves’ at first listen is a playful melancholic melody line, sat with hollow sounding synths and driving percussion, but Seul’s ability to underpin social issues amongst this musicality is promising indeed.

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