‘Hollywood Forever’ By FINNEAS Is The Sound Of Heartbreak

by Ty Bennett

9th August, 2018

Photo Credit: Cameron Postforoosh

You’re sitting on an abandoned bench, watching fingers of mist glide across a smooth lake and wind themselves between gravestones. In your mind’s eye, you’re twirling your lover across the kitchen floor in the refrigerator light, remembering the way your heart has been breaking every day for years. And FINNEAS’s track ‘Hollywood Forever’ is the perfect companion to heartbreak, as haunting as it is relatable, it is both an escape and a solace.

‘Hollywood Forever’ is a pop ballad with a vintage noir feel, and the perfectly powerful debut for FINNEAS’s solo career. It is a haunting tale of love found and lost, with emotion layered so deeply into the chords that every note sounds like the musicians’ heart aching.

The LA singer already has an impressive resume, with writing credits on numerous tracks, a Beats 1 show, and spot in sister, Billie Eilish’s album. In all his musical endeavours, he exhibits an unapologetic musical character, and ‘Hollywood Forever’ is no exception. Precise production means that all the instrumental components of the song feel purposefully placed, and none would work without the other – from the gently humming crickets to the single note base drum.

Warm harmonies weave in and out of the swell of strings, giving the song a smoky, elegant and undeniably poignant edge. FINNEAS’s honeyed crooning takes center stage as the instrumentals are understated. A crafty move, as ‘Hollywood Forever’ showcases the artists impressive vocal range and power.

The track itself is stripped back silk strings, textured by tranquil electronics and crackling sound effects, sown together by velvety vocals that invite the listener into the intimate narrative. If the course of love were a melody, it would sound like this.

You can stream ‘Hollywood Forever’ here.

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