Steven Bamidele‘Haunted’ is the mesmerising new track from contemporary soul-singer and producer Steve Bamidele. “I was haunted before…I still go back there sometimes,” he admits, using his music to detail the feelings of chronic anxiety that he has suffered with.

Music provides a form of solace for Steve and this track is a way to transfer those moments of calm to listeners, who may be able to relate through their own struggles with anxiety.

It is slightly eerie, carrying the theme of listeners feeling ‘haunted’ by the music but also feeling a sense of hope that these feelings do pass.

‘Haunted’ is a bittersweet song and one which is very simple and stripped down in production. Not a lot of artists are producing this flavour of modern soul at the moment. It is lovely to listen to.

‘Haunted’ was released on January 25th via new singles record label, 225 Records, and we can expect a debut EP release from Steven later this year.