Growing Up By St. South Gleams With Melancholic Nuances

by Marcus Adetola

26th April, 2020

Growing Up by St. South gleams with melancholic nuances. Growing up is about self-discovery, identifying our inner self we turn to when in need of comforting. The aesthetic feel of the track replays the emotions as if present, and rightly so, we should always stay connected to our inner-being. St. South’s vocal tones appear subtle, however, they pack an intensity. In conjunction with the intricate electronic instrumentals, she creates soft and melodic sounds that fill you with calming sensations of the willingness to accept whatever might come. The video carries on with the melancholic theme present in the audio, with scenes filmed of her walking through a dark cave and emerging on the other side of day.

Across the way when you walked that track
Tell you what it’s a bit of luck
I’m not gonna get you out of thought
But I know you’re growing up
(Squeeze my hand when you’ve had enough, growing up)
I know you’re growing up
(Squeeze my hand when you’ve had enough, growing up)

On the other hand, you can glean breakup elements in the song. Ultimately it’s down to you the listener to decide what you take from Growing Up.

St. South has finely succeeded in crafting bittersweet qualities into Growing Up, making every aspect of the song shine bright.

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