Gracie’s Corner: The YouTube Galaxy Where Kids’ Dreams and Learning Collide

by Tara Price

16th August, 2023

Gracie's Corner: The YouTube Galaxy Where Kids' Dreams and Learning Collide

In the vast universe of YouTube, there’s a shining star that has captured the hearts of millions: Gracie’s Corner. This channel, a harmonious blend of entertainment and education, is where children’s dreams of fun and parents’ hopes for learning meet. But what’s the story behind this phenomenon? Let’s dive in!

Who is the real Gracie’s Corner?

At the heart of Gracie’s Corner is 10-year-old Graceyn Hollingsworth. To her vast audience, she’s the beloved “Gracie”. But beyond the screen, she’s a regular kid with a passion for singing and a family that supports her every step of the way. The channel, which started merely three years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic, was a response to the lack of representation in children’s programming.

Her parents, Javoris Hollingsworth and Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth, felt the need to create content where everyone feels seen and valued. Today, their channel boasts a whopping 1.9 million subscribers, and their videos have garnered over a billion views! For more insights, you can visit their official YouTube channel.

Gracie’s Corner on Netflix?

While Gracie’s Corner has made a significant impact on YouTube, there’s no official information about its presence on Netflix. However, given its popularity, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it ventures into other platforms in the future.

The Story Behind Gracie’s Corner

The inception of Gracie’s Corner was a proactive response to the lack of representation in children’s content. Javoris and Arlene noticed this gap and decided to fill it with their unique blend of entertainment. Their channel, which started with just 100 subscribers (mostly friends and family), saw exponential growth within a year. Their success isn’t just about catchy songs; it’s about understanding what parents value for their children and delivering it with authenticity. For more behind-the-scenes stories, check out this feature on Essence.

What age is Gracie’s Corner for?

Gracie’s Corner caters to a young audience, primarily children under 12. Their content ranges from rhythmic adaptations of nursery rhymes to educational videos teaching numbers, ABCs, affirmations, effective breathing exercises, and coping skills.

A Symphony of Learning: Gracie’s Corner Songs

The magic of Gracie’s Corner lies in its songs. Javoris, with his musical prowess, spices up classic tunes by integrating various genres of Black music, from Afrobeats and Soca to Reggae and Trap. Graceyn, with her cherubic voice, then brings these songs to life. Their collaboration with rap legend Snoop Dogg on the song Girl Power is a testament to their musical brilliance.

The Future is Bright!

The Hollingsworth family envisions a future where Gracie’s Corner expands beyond YouTube. They see potential collaborations, live events, longer episodic videos, and even ventures into retail merchandise and amusement parks. The sky’s the limit for this talented family!


Gracie’s Corner is more than just a YouTube channel; it’s a movement. It’s a testament to the power of representation, the magic of music, and the boundless potential of family collaboration. As Gracie’s Corner continues to shine bright, one thing is clear: the future of edutainment is here, and it’s spectacular!

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