Photo by Flore Diamant

MAVICA is the stage name of singer-songwriter, Marta Casanova. Her 4-track debut EP ‘Gone’ released today was inspired by her move from her hometown Cartagena in Spain to London.

The lead single from the EP, ‘Friethers’, is a heartfelt song, dedicated to her brother (“I’ll be there..if you need me“).
Fire‘ has a more sombre tone and was the first single to be taken from the EP. It depicts a difficult time in MAVICA’s life following an unfortunate experience, but also how she overcame the difficulty.

‘To Lie Alone’ is a serene listen, but with stirring lyrics. MAVICA wrote it once she finally felt settled in London. “It relates the journey that took me to London, where I settled down and got conscious of my writing“, she says.

‘Plastic Hearts’ has a more upbeat feel compared to the others. MAVICA’s sound is of folk-inspired pop and, in this song, you can hear that Ben Howard is someone who has influenced her.

MAVICA’s debut EP is heartfelt and emotional and a great listen. By the end of the EP, you feel that you have gotten to know the talented singer-songwriter a little better.

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