Glitra By Brijs Is A Euphoric Soundtrack

by Marcus Adetola

30th April, 2020

Glitra by Brijsis a euphoric soundtrack to our days in this lockdown. It rings with the would-be triumphant emotions of the time following this pandemic. For now, it’s an uplifting anthem that epitomizes the feeling of euphoria to make the days bearable. However, Brijs had something else in mind when he wrote the song.

“It’s about the pursuit of yourself and your values in your mid-20s. All of the things you hear about coming of age are usually about your teens. That’s still true, but we stay younger for longer now. Your mid-20s is when you start thinking, feeling and living independently. That’s when you really start to grow into adulthood and look at friendship, relationships and ambitions differently.”  – Brijs

Glitra is a song written during simpler times without the complexities we are facing today. And yet it slots right into the here and now. The track sparkles at every turn with intrinsic qualities imbued by the production and vocals. You have the feeling you can achieve the impossible while listening to Glitra. I feel this is feeling is needed more than ever now and after the lockdown.

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