Giulia Is ‘Trippin’ Out’ With New Single

by Jade Dadalica

14th June, 2018

We may have our eyes on the Italian powerhouse ‘Giulia’ through the screens of our phones as we listen to her new track ‘Trippin’ Out’ but you’d be trippin’ if you don’t bat an eyelid towards this fresh talent.

Born in Rome and touring the world with her polo player dad and fashion entrepreneur mum, Giulia has definitely seen a mixture of countries and cultures. No wonder she can mix up her music with different genres and vocals. Not only with her family having some famous contacts (they have a close relationship with fashion designer Valentino) Giulia has contributed to the fashion world by promoting up-and-coming designer Anna Sammarone whose work has had much attention from the global fashion market.

With the new single ‘Trippin’ Out’ to be released on June 22nd, the catchy hook is what keeps us listening. The track starts with an electric guitar which is definitely what I think I sound like on guitar hero. She hits it off big time. The track is thrilling, addictive and fresh. A totally new sound that we ALL need to hear. With a mixture of different talents, Giulia really makes us all ‘Trip’ out.

Continually searching for people to work with, making demos and trying to network with people, the dedication really shines through the album and Giulia deserves all the recognition she gets.

‘Raze Me To The Ground’ is Guilias country-rock album with a bit of pop mixed in. Definitely pushing the boundaries of genres. With her new single showing the world that she’s relatable and fun (just like her album) I think it’s time we all start listening to it.

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