Gia Kim: The Rising Star of Netflix’s XO, Kitty

by Tara Price

26th October, 2023

Gia Kim: The Rising Star of Netflix's XO, Kitty

Gia Kim is a phenomenal actress who has recently captured global attention with her breakthrough role in the Netflix series XO, Kitty. From her humble beginnings to her flourishing acting career, Gia Kim’s story is one of tenacity, passion, and growth. This article delves into her journey of personal growth and self-discovery, shedding light on her role in XO, Kitty, her past experiences and her vision for the future.

An Overview of Gia Kim’s Life and Career

Gia Kim, born in Seoul, South Korea, has always been fascinated by storytelling. She initially pursued a stable career path, conforming to her conservative Korean family’s expectations. However, her passion for the arts was a persistent flame that eventually led her to follow her heart. Kim began her career in the entertainment industry as a stage actress. She also worked in journalism, where she further honed her storytelling skills.

Her decision to pursue acting full-time came after a period of self-reflection. Kim found herself asking, “What am I doing to be happy?” She realised that her true happiness lay in the performing arts. This led her to enrol at the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles, kickstarting her acting journey.

Kim’s acting career took a significant leap with her role as Yuri in XO, Kitty. Filmed in her birthplace, Seoul, the series allowed her to connect with her roots while portraying an impactful character.

Gia Kim, Anna Cathcart, and Minyeong Choi in XO, Kitty (2023)
Gia KimAnna Cathcart, and Minyeong Choi in XO, Kitty (2023)

Gia Kim in XO, Kitty

In the Netflix series XO, Kitty, Gia Kim plays the role of Yuri, a wealthy and popular student at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS). Yuri’s character is a refreshing departure from conventional “queen bee” tropes, as she is a queer Asian woman navigating her identity and relationships in a conservative society.

Kim’s portrayal of Yuri is nuanced and authentic, reflecting her commitment to steering away from stereotypes. Despite the initial pressure to live up to the expectations of the “queen bee” role, Kim found her footing in Yuri’s unique character arc. Her depiction of Yuri’s struggles with her identity and her subsequent personal growth resonates with many viewers.

Gia Kim’s Approach to Her Role

Gia Kim’s approach to her role in XO, Kitty was rooted in introspection and connection. She sought to understand Yuri’s experiences and emotions deeply, grounding her portrayal in her own multicultural upbringing and experiences. This process helped her navigate the complexities of Yuri’s character and deliver a compelling performance.

Kim also acknowledges the importance of representation in the media. As the first Asian queen bee character she has seen, Yuri’s character holds significant weight. Kim was keenly aware of this responsibility, and she strived to honour Yuri’s story and the representation it brings.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Despite her success, Gia Kim admits to grappling with imposter syndrome at the onset of her role in XO, Kitty. She worried about whether she was the right fit for the character and how she could make Yuri stand out from other iconic characters. Eventually, she realised that she needed to trust the professionals who chose her for the role and focus on bringing Yuri to life.

Gia Kim’s Future Aspirations

Looking towards the future, Gia Kim expresses her interest in exploring a wide range of roles. She is particularly drawn to more dramatic roles, indicating her interest in psychological thrillers. Her journey thus far has been marked by constant growth and exploration, and she hopes to continue this trajectory in her acting career.

Fun Facts About Gia Kim

On a lighter note, Gia Kim reveals some fun facts about herself.  She also revealed that she is the real-life sister of Sang Heon Lee, who plays her brother in the show. Despite her outgoing exterior, she describes herself as an “extroverted introvert”. Her inquisitive nature, which served her well in journalism, continues to play a crucial role in her acting career. She enjoys digging deep into her characters and finding the heart of their stories.

In Conclusion

Gia Kim’s journey is an inspiring example of following one’s passion and embracing personal growth. Her role in XO, Kitty marks a significant milestone in her acting career, but it is clear that this is just the beginning for her. As she continues to explore and grow, audiences worldwide can look forward to more compelling performances from this talented actress.

Everyone, no matter how old you are, can relate to XO, Kitty because it is about the universal experience of wanting to feel connected, wanting to be heard and seen, wanting to be me, and wanting to love and be loved.” – Gia Kim

With her compelling performance as Yuri, Gia Kim has undeniably left an indelible mark on the global entertainment scene. As she continues to shine in her career, her story serves as a powerful testament to the magic that unfolds when passion meets perseverance.

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