Freyr’s New Single Neighbour Boy Conjures So Much Beauty

by Lucy Lerner

1st May, 2020

He looks just like a shadow of whom I used to be

Freyr’s new single Neighbour Boy conjures so much beauty through soft pillows of instrumentals that swell with love. Listening to Neighbour Boy is like flicking through an old photograph album and you are filled with such emotion and nostalgia. It also conjures visual images filled with nature – a placid glass lake, lush green trees, and the wind whipping in your hair and clearing your head. This becomes even more clear when you learn Freyrwas brought up in Umeå, a city located in the forests of Northern Sweden and he spent his summers in Iceland.

Neighbour boy, you’re wanting to feel free,
The further you go away from your home,
I used to be admiring of those who never compromised meaningfully

In 3 minutes you are taken on a journey through Freyr’s childhood and you also get lost in your own story. Through tender lyrics, soothing vocals, and hypnotic instrumentals, Neighbour Boy reminds you of the things that are pure and simple and you are filled with sentimental warmth.

Freyr’s debut EP I’m Sorry will be released on July 3, 2020 via Nettwerk.

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