Forêt Noire Releases The Innovative Circular Birds

by Lucy Lerner

10th June, 2020

Forêt Noire doesn’t disappoint with eclectic new single Circular Birds. The collective composed and recorded the track individually. Each of the five artists had no idea what the other was creating, but the beautiful compilation of sounds fuses perfectly and resonates deep.

Circular Birds is influenced by 180 photos which also comprise of the music video. It’s very creative and forward-thinking and the stream of photos matches the fluidity of the song. Lyrics bite deep and conjure many thoughts and themes:

Circles fill into the world
But that’s not who we are
We’re the birds that strike the chord
And perfection is so far

Circular Birds is a theatrical experience with a rich, complex soundscape. This is not surprising when you learn Forêt Noire consists of performers, visual artists, and writers. Vocals and sounds intertwine to create a new genre and an extraordinary vision. On its own Circular Birds is an incredible song but listened to along with the visuals it makes for a truly immersive adventure.

You can learn more about the concept behind Circular Birds.

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