Fil Bo RivaAs soon as the dirty distorted guitars opened this track, I knew I was going to enjoy it. The latest single “L’Over” from Fil Bo Riva is a mesmerising and layered offering, which beautifully captures that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. That feeling that envelopes you and doesn’t let go.

I think the song is trying to celebrate this weird twist of feelings” Fil Bo Riva summarised. “It’s pretty much a homage to the little ups and downs that come with every liaison, a song inspired by that incredibly strange feeling that we call jealousy.

The voice on display is astounding and manages to be a powerhouse and a soft, delicate trickle within a few bars of each other. Fil Bo Riva manages to sing with emotion and pain, adding honesty to his lyrics, which at times are desperately longing. He has a range which does a great job of taking the track from strength to strength and allows for a mass of variation and diversity in a subject many of us know well.

The guitar work on show is well played and was a surprising addition. I wasn’t expecting it when I first listened to “L’Over.” When the drums kick in along with all the other instrumentation, things suddenly get melodic and even more beautiful, with vocal harmonies textured and layered throughout. Production is immaculate and detailed and benefits the track overall, allowing for some sonic playfulness as the track progresses. There is a plethora of instrumentation on display towards the second half of this track, which significantly adds to the overall quality of songwriting and musical language and the dynamics on show.

“L’Over” is a beautifully crafted story full of pain, gut-wrenching desperation and heartbreak, and is worth checking out.

Fil Bo Riva’a debut album “Beautiful Sadness” follows in spring 2019.

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