Fear by Lavish Ambitionz Confronts Self-Doubt with Honesty and Groove

by Marcus Adetola

10th June, 2024

Fear by Lavish Ambitionz Confronts Self-Doubt with Honesty and Groove

Lavish Ambitionz’sFear is a hazy, downtempo offering that confronts the insecurities and self-doubt that can hold us back.

His cadenced flow glides over an atmospheric, synth-drenched production, crafting an immersive soundscape that draws you into its pensive narrative. 

Lavish Ambitionz Fear song cover
Lavish Ambitionz Fear song cover

The artist’s comfortable, melodic delivery serves as the conduit, ushering listeners into reflections on how fear impacts our lives. “Fear tearing me down; fear what I can’t do.”

There’s a raw vulnerability in his candid words that cuts through the airy instrumentation. 

Under the mellow surface, an undercurrent of determination takes shape. 

“What’s the point of life if you never lived?” he challenges, his voice brimming with a quiet intensity that urges us to move past trepidation.

The production has a vibe, with sparkly synths and atmospheric textures coalescing into a dreamy backdrop that perfectly complements the introspective lyricism.

The beats gently ebb and flow, at times propelling the vocals forward with a headnodic groove.

What makes Fear so captivating is Lavish Ambitionz’s ability to relatably explore relatable feelings of doubt and anxiety through his personal lens.

His musings aren’t trite affirmations, but honest expressions many can see themselves in.

There’s a catharsis in bearing witness to someone confront their fears so transparently.

By its end, Fear emerges as a glistening sound to face our inner demons rather than succumbing to them.

Lavish Ambitionz has crafted a pensive yet uplifting piece, with mellow but impactful words echoing through their quietest moments of self-reflection.

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Lavish Ambitionz Fear Lyrics

Fear tearing me down fear what. I can’t do 
Fly too close to the sun my wings might melt through 
It’s too scary time might change Vary
may be scary but nothing is without risk 
Always told to walk before we take leaps 
But we had dreams to fly to new horizons 
May be scary hope that time Varies 
What’s the point of life if you never lived

The cloudy skies in my mind doesn’t fade

Take sum time might need to step away

Trapped inside just locked inside a cage 
Doors held wide just ready to escape

Man i wanna reach new heights 
Gotta let somethings go

Man i wanna reach new heights 
See the world through the birds eyes
Climb high as i try

Window cracked 
Im flying out tonight

See what the world has to offer
young buck but he dont really do the cold 
its like 16 below

Its like standing in the snow

Storm but i still trust in the flyzone 
Risk but i know ima get praised from the preachers 
God know the way but the boat like aliyah

Head straight
I See my life chummy 
Krabby patty 
The secret formula be the money 
Black and white color simulation 
Drive the boat 
Life kinda gray 
Soul color neon 
life hit you like a truck 
Big Hit deon

Oh you dont like that but 
Everybody like that 

This world keep you down 
If you never wanna fight beck

Money come around call it luck

Can’t worry bout the next one uhhhh 
Spread ya wings and don’t ya dare look down 
Just believe we make it there somehow 
Gotta do this for myself right now

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