Fade By Freddie Long Is The Remedy For Anxiety

by Marcus Adetola

30th April, 2020

Fade by Freddie Long is the remedy for anxiety, and it could be yours too in this difficult time. On Fade, Freddie Long sings with emotional adeptness of his battle with anxiety. Even though the topic is sullen, you do not feel it, as Freddie’s vocal charisma enchants you.

“Music is the answer. Music has always been the answer” says Freddie Long when asked what is getting him through lockdown conditions.

Fade is an uplifting song with climatic subtleties that stand out, written at a point Freddy battled anxiety. Anxiety caused by the change of his socially active lifestyle to a solitary one. The song served as a remedy to manage the situation. A reminder that no matter how dark it gets, there’s always light.

“FADE is about battling with personal anxiety, trying to forget and move on. Understanding that problems will never fully fade away. It’s about learning to live and manage to eventually overcome them.” – Freddie Long

It is Freddie’s hope this song serves as an inspiration to people going through a similar situation caused by the ongoing government lockdown due to the pandemic.

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