Eye to Eye By Lucas Köksal: A Sonic Odyssey of Serenity And Surprise

by Marcus Adetola

24th March, 2024

Eye to Eye By Lucas Köksal: A Sonic Odyssey of Serenity and Surprise

Lucas Köksal‘s debut single, eye to eye, is a captivating sonic voyage meticulously crafted, exuding serene vibes with an uptempo flair.

From the outset, eye to eye immerses you in a dazed vocal reverie during the chorus, complemented by crisp guitar lines and steady percussive beats that’ll have you inadvertently tapping along. Just when you think you’ve grasped its essence, Köksal surprises you with a tender, soulful guitar solo that’ll leave you spellbound.

As the song reaches its crescendo, it seamlessly transitions into a hauntingly atmospheric blend of guitars and wintry keys, creating a sonic landscape that’s both entrancing and enigmatic.

Köksal Eye to Eye song artwork
Köksal Eye to Eye song artwork

Crafted during the summer of 2023, when Köksal delved into analogue recording, eye to eye marks his auspicious debut under AWAL. Despite its newcomer status, this track packs a punch sure to leave you in awe. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride through Köksal’s artistry; this is merely the beginning.

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