Exploring The Virtue Of Patience In B-ahwe X NeONE The Wonderer’s Soulful Symphony

by Marcus Adetola

16th November, 2023

Exploring the Virtue of Patience in B-ahwe x NeONE The Wonderer's Soulful Symphony

The latest offering, Patience by B-ahwe and NeONE The Wonderer is an eclectic and deeply introspective track that resonates with soulful undertones and lyrical profundity. At its core, Patience is a musical journey through the nuances of life and love, with the theme of patience underpinning it.

B-ahwe’s voice, a blend of ethereal and earthy tones, draws the listener into a state of reflective tranquilly, while NeONE The Wonderer, with his articulate rap skills, complements this soundscape, adding a layer of gritty realism that grounds the track in the complexities of modern life. The production of Patience is a smooth amalgamation of jazz and electronic elements, creating a laid-back yet groovy vibe.

Patience is taken from B-ahwe’s 26% MIXTAPE, which is a bold statement on personal growth and emotional resilience. Through this mixtape, she confronts societal pressures, mental health, relationships, femininity, and joy.

“Age is a percentage. That’s the best way I can try to summarise the tape. That’s not to say we reach 100 and explode, It’s more about seeing our endless capacity for growth. When we allow ourselves some kindness and patience, and move away from the societal lens that taught us we must fit in certain boxes at certain ages. Really we’re limitless. We’re always Still Growing, in whatever form or direction feels right to us individually. The tape begins with ‘Take time, a little to reload’, and I hope it can inspire someone to do that.” – B-ahwe

B-ahwe Patience song cover
B-ahwe Patience song cover

Her statement on the project, “Age is a percentage,” reflects a profound understanding of life as a continuous journey of growth and transformation, unfettered by societal norms.

B-ahwe’s ability to fuse elements of R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Drum & Bass in 26% MIXTAPE demonstrates her musical versatility. This tape is a narrative of emotional evolution, a journey through the highs and lows of human experience.

In a world that constantly pushes for immediate results and quick fixes, Patience is a gentle reminder of the beauty and strength found in taking our time and growing at our own pace.

With 26% MIXTAPE, B-ahwe continues to establish herself as a versatile and insightful artist, one who is not afraid to delve into the depths of the human experience and emerge with something truly transformative.

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